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Healing begins in the heart.

Genuine vulnerability and authenticity are paramount in the acquisition of emotional freedom; open-mindedness, empathy, and compassion make the journey much easier.


My journey to healing was carved for me from when I was first new to this life.  The search for profound things hummed and buzzed in my mind from childhood.  My young self was wild and so closely connected with nature.  I sought understanding but I wasn’t sure how to find it; two decades later, adversity focussed my vision and directed me to that path.


When I moved to California at the age of 22 I had a marriage, hobbies and a job; I thought I understood my path completely.  The course I had charted led to rocky waters - a divorce and death of my father - that wounded me, but in the wounding and the loneliness there was guidance.  A light directed me on a way I was meant to know.  I was invited to heal at a deeper level than I even knew existed.


I was a young man who thought he was destined for academia and social services, but I allowed my pain and confusion to guide me to a school in San Diego, the Institute of PsychoStructural Balancing.  I learnt bodywork, meditation, and holistic healing, and began to see more clearly the path to my own healing and the materialization of my true professional journey.  Sagely guides were interjected into my sphere and fuelled the intensifying drive I felt to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the connection between mind and body.


During my studies there I met and began working with a Native American teacher who would forever change my understanding of myself, nature, and my life's path.  Sweat lodge ceremonies, ancient dance rituals and a better appreciation for the balance of nature have left beautiful imprints on my mind and nervous system.  During these 6 years I felt myself mature by decades and conquer so much fear. 


After my time with my indigenous teacher a mentor nudged me back into conventional academia.  At age 28, I re-entered a path I had travelled before with an entirely new perspective and depth.  A million times I considered quitting, but love brought me strength and kept me in alignment with my heart and intentions.  In 2015 I completed my Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in somatic psychology and neuropsychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.​


In the last year of my Ph.D. I was introduced to the next major junction on my journey.  A Torontonian reached out to me while I still lived in Malibu and offered the opportunity to move to Canada and forge a healing center.  I said, “that is an incredible offer, yet no thanks. ”  I was not leaving Malibu.


Through meditation, my own spiritual practice, and auspicious interactions with others I realized that my decision was coming from my head, not my heart or my higher wisdom.  After nearly 3 months of introspection and inner listening I was directed to defy logic and convert my earlier "no" into a "YES."  I swallowed my ego and my rational mind, left Malibu with my fiancé and found a spirit of cooperation with my purpose.  I let Helix Healthcare Group in Toronto become the center of my life.


Serving as the clinical director at Helix for 4 years (2014-2017) was an incredible opportunity and learning experience for me. My colleagues and I built an amazing team of professionals and effective, unique programs to aid clients suffering from trauma, addiction, and mental health challenges.  It was a considerable chapter in my life.


And yet, change is the only constant...


The next transition happened with the shock and inspiring beauty of the birth of my son.  This opened my eyes to accepting the next stage of my journey.  It is critically important to be a good dad so I chose to let go of my role as clinical director and forged my own path as a psychotherapist in private practice seeking a better understanding of my unique offerings in the worlds of psychotherapy, music, and healing arts.


​​I find my technique at the crossroads where East and West converge.  Shamanic spiritual experiences amplified by a robust foundation in psycho-neurobiology are the crux of my practice. I present people with alternatives to psychopharmaceuticals, self-medication with drugs and alcohol, and self-sabotaging behaviors stemming from unprocessed pain from the past.  I shed light on the path to love and emancipation from fear.


The diversity of my background has supplied me with a distinct and developed toolkit.  I use Somatic techniques and a diligent perspective on neurotransmissions to strike a keen balance uniting mind and body.  Neurons that fire together wire together, and quantifying this into actionable procedures measurably improves emotional efficacy at both personal and spiritual levels.​


I reintroduce clients to their Authentic Self, granting them the space and confidence necessary to experience their most primal and vulnerable aspects without fear of judgement or discrimination.  I can only do this because I have practiced these modalities for over 17 years.

Life has taught me so much along the way: the importance of interconnectedness; the centrality of presence; the ability to allow my own authenticity in motion and permit my whole-self to exist without judgement.  The darkness I have encountered has made me stronger and gracefully comfortable with the uncomfortable within myself and others.


I am here to teach.  I am here to share what I have been given.  Truth and genuineness flow from knowing and understanding light and dark at a quantum level.  Empowerment and liberation arise when the mind and body act in unison.


Healing begins in the heart

and I am here to heal.

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