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Normalizing the awakening process.

Life is motion; a circuitous expedition and search for enlightenment.  To survive and thrive we must exist in a space of perpetual evolution.  We must grow and change to synchronize ourselves with the dynamic shifting vibrations of our lives, families, and the universe.  The Hanson Healing Method is a technique that opens our heart and mind to encountering our authentic Self and liberates us from the shackles of traumatic, painful memories.  Jesse is honored to share this with his clients as a path for them to, ultimately, become their own best therapist.


Experiential personal transformation.

Step 1

Cultivating a Greater Sense of Self/Begin to Awaken:


The first step is about claiming my power back.  Its about taking accountability for my actions and feelings.  It is about reframing my self-understanding into a perception that allows insight as to who I am at a fundamental level.  It is about realizing that we all create adaptations as we grow; adaptations that become our personality and our ego.  It is about looking deeper and finding that beneath all of my well-conditioned adaptations there is an authentic Self, a real me, full of joy and curiosity.  My awakening begins, and my desire to change rises. 


It becomes evident that I will heal when I release the pain that made me need those adaptations in the first place.

Step 2

Building the Tribe/Forming Community:

Once I have established a comprehensive understanding of the different versions of me that constitute my personality, the next step is to establish relationships with and between those parts.  Each compartmentalized aspect of myself – the inner child, the addicted self, the sad self, etc. – is important and impacts how I feel everyday.  Even when I am facing a challenge or a tough situation, this technique empowers me to draw strength and understanding from various parts of me and “change the lens” through which I experience that moment, allowing me to view trauma and painful memories in a new way.  I feel more supported by being aware of- and connected to my "inner-tribe."  This internal connection opens my heart to receiving external "tribe" members in my community - family members, close friends, pets, etc.

Step 3

Rewiring the Brain-Body/Reprocess past pain:


Now that I have a better understanding of who I am, what I carry from my past, and what I want my future to look and feel like, I am prepared to try "reprocessing".  With my inner tribe feeling stronger, I learn how to let go when I have a feeling.  A feeling is different than an emotion; for a feeling to become an emotion I have to let the feeling travel outside my mind and move my body.  I learn how to release the reactions that are stored in my nervous system when I recall or am triggered by painful memories/occurrences in my past.  It’s not always comfortable, but it certainly does feel better afterward.  I am lighter, more aware of who I am, beyond all my baggage.


The more I practice the easier it becomes to maintain my sense of calm, feel grounded amidst my day-to-day activities, and find clarity in my decisions on important life transitions.


Some techniques I learned about during this Step were:


EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Polyvagal Nurturing Techniques

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology

Sound Therapy


Postural Awareness

Step 4

Integration/Experience Wholeness:


My therapist tells me I will "never be done" with my inner work but that there are graduating steps when my new "normal" will be way better than the one I used to know.  After the reprocessing work around my past pain, I feel more integrated.  Life still has challenges and I still have feelings, but now I feel like I have a healthier relationship with my emotions and more honest and direct communication with the people in my life.  I make wiser decisions in the moments that really count in my life.  My new "normal" is much better than it used to be.


I realize that these 4 steps don't ever really end; however they do get easier, and I get more graceful at embracing and moving through them as life happens and new growth opportunities present themselves.


Now I see my therapists if I want to, not because I need to... 


Feels like I am my own best therapist now.

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