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Look Deeper Within...

Individual sessions with Jesse are akin to a walk down the pathway of your life; sometimes there are plenty of shadows and your vision is obscured by branches and trees.  It's hard to see the forest - the bigger picture.  Jesse walks with you down your life’s road, guiding your expedition with understanding, compassion, and helpful insight.

In an individual session Jesse will escort you, helping you to discover the hard-to-see places. Exploring through conversation and somatic psychotherapy techniques he channels intuition, neuroscience, mindfulness, sound therapy, and creativity to steer you to a place of lasting transformation.


When you work with Jesse you will...


  • Create a stronger sense of self

  • Get a better understanding of why and where you are out of balance

  • Learn the tools to become the person you are meant to be

  • Identify judgement and shame and learn releasing techniques

  • Discover your purpose and identity

  • Learn how to integrate your inner work into the outer world.

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