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Once upon a time...

Jesse has always been interested in human connection and the healing that happens when one’s heart opens. From acting as a peer mediator in high school to running his current psychotherapy practice, he has dedicated the past eighteen years to healing relationships of all magnitudes.


His psychotherapeutic practice is his spiritual discipline.  Jesse creates sacred space for an authentic and honest communication that supports his heart to open wider so that he can assist others in opening theirs to channel healing at a psychological, cellular, neurological, emotional, and spiritual level.


Jesse holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology (specializing in somatic psychology and neuropsychology) from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.  In addition to his academic pursuits he has spent over 18 years training with esteemed holistic and shamanic teachers.  He has explored the ancient ways through meditation, ceremony, and ritual, and the modern through psychoneurobiology and quantum physics.  These experiences have fostered a realization that the languages, however different, bear the same truth: the union of mind and body induces a surreal, natural evolution.


Since 2017 Jesse has been administering to clients as a registered psychotherapist (CRPO#002638) from his private office in midtown Toronto.  Jesse works with individuals, couples, and families, helping them move through the challenges of life, reprocess the pain of the past, and co-create the future they desire.  


Jesse was previously Clinical Director of Helix Healthcare Group in Toronto, Canada.  Helix was the first center of its kind in Canada, integrating neuroscience, somatic psychology, and other clinically proven interventions in a multi-faceted approach to providing unique and personalized treatment plans for its clients.  It was the perfect incubator for Jesse to further develop his own clinical practice, foster leadership skills, and explore a multiplicity of media and group presentation opportunities.  The intriguing and powerful prospect of co-founding the center and refining a holistic and integrative approach to treating addiction, trauma, and general wellness is what brought Jesse and his wife from Malibu to Toronto and he will always be grateful for his time there.  He resigned after guiding the centre for 4 years following birth of his first child in June 2017.


Prior to his position with Helix Jesse worked at Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center.  From 2007-2013 he was afforded a tremendous opportunity to render treatment from a holistic vantage point, establish himself as a therapist and guide, and work cooperatively with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals assisting clients through the challenges of substance abuse. 


Jesse's initial awakening occurred in 2001 when he trained and worked as a massage therapist, movement specialist, and holistic health practitioner in San Diego, CA.  This stage of Jesse's life was vital for both personal and professional reasons; his inner explorations and intentional healing seeded the passion that eventually guided him to becoming a psychotherapist.


Jesse is dedicated to personal development, healing, and his professional role as a facilitator of change for others.  As his life continues to unfold Jesse’s vision is further integration of the rational and the emotional, the scientific and the spiritual, the ancient and the modern in the spirit of helping others find passion and awakening.



Courses and Education


PhD, Clinical Psychology

​M.A., Clinical Psychology

​B.A., Philosophy


EMDR Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy 

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

Lifespan Integration


1000 Hours of Holistic Training: 


Massage Therapy

Postural Therapy

Sound Therapy

Yoga and Calisthenics 

Tai Chi Instructor

Shamanic/Indigenous Studies 


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