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Getting to the heart of business...

Jesse Hanson adeptly guides high-functioning clients through the process of finding a new level of lightness and freedom from stressful jobs, past pain, and limiting paradigms.  His co-curated process enhances their capacity for success improving productivity and performance.


Let go and lead.


Leadership can be performed by anyone, regardless of position.  It is about inspiring and motivating people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise be willing or able to do.  Leaders perform under pressure; they are exposed and highly visible.  They have to cope with uncertainty and unpredictable changes, and interact fruitfully with others’ ideas.


Leaders must let go of the stressors and traumas they carry to elevate their performance, and Jesse Hanson’s holistic convergence of techniques is a practical means to that end.  His dedication to an authentic appreciation and understanding of Eastern and Western traditional and modern theories and procedures has formed a special, unique, and effective method for amplify clients’ potential and installing operational upgrades that function from authentic identity.


Are you a high-functioning successful entrepreneur, CEO, or executive who is seeking to augment your already extraordinary capacity?  Are you looking to upgrade your performance and yourself?


Jesse’s balance of tranquil wisdom and stillness with an active intelligence and energetic exuberance is a perfect match for the new generation of multi-disciplinary chiefs.


Work with Jesse Hanson to improve your leadership and performance skills by:


  • Learning to lead with empathy

  • Cultivating presence and connection

  • Improving decision-making skills  

  • Initiating innovative ideas by connecting to inner creativity

  • Discovering the strength in vulnerability

  • Transitioning from a human doing to a human being

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